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Why should you buy a shelf company with credit line availability?

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Why Should You Buy a Shelf Company with Credit Line Availability?

If you have a great idea and want to start a promising business as soon as possible, one of the most relevant factors to consider in your plans is time. You probably know that establishing a new company can be a long, exhausting process. Although the Internet has facilitated many of the steps, there are several decisions and actions that you, as the founder, must follow. If time is an issue, you should consider buying a shelf company with credit line availability.

It’s not only about making the new business ready to generate the first invoices—you probably also want to get credit to finance your first expenses very soon. As a small business entrepreneur, you need a lot of money to spend but might not have enough credit to get access to the startup business credit you need.

If you can find fresh capital for your business, acquiring debt can be a good strategy to grow beginning with net 30 terms. Being responsible with credit funded by lenders make you eligible for larger debts, which can be needed at some point in your future. On the other hand, the debt will give you tax advantages because interest is deducted from the taxable income.

If you wish to start a business and you already know that you will need to get business financing soon, we have good news for you. You can buy a shelf corporation with credit line availability. Keep reading to learn more about this attractive opportunity to move forward with your business plans with an aged corporation.

What Is a Shelf Company with Credit Line Availability?

A shelf or aged corporation is a company for sale that has existed for a few years but with no activity during that period. It is creditworthy but does not come with credit automatically.  Credit itself needs to be applied for through small business financing opportunities and lenders.

The available credit open to small business owners that opt to purchase a shelf corporation obviously depends on the particular company, but you can count on an amount that is sufficient for the basic needs of a start-up since shelf corporations often come complete with 80 Paydex scores that make it possible to obtain financing

Advantages of Buying a Shelf Company With Credit Line Availability:

There are several benefits associated with this decision. The following are the most relevant advantages of buying a shelf company with credit line availability:

1) Immediate Access To Credit and Financing:

When you have to build a business credit record, it takes time and effort. It will require months, maybe years, depending on the specific credit requirement and the conditions demanded by your lending institution. Banks and other types of lenders do not want to put their money at risk with a company whose creditworthiness is unknown. In this regard, past behavior in relation to credit is one of the most relevant factors to grant new credit. If you a start a brand new firm, your credit record will not exist until you work on it. With a shelf company with credit line availability, you’ll have a good credit record as soon as you purchase it. You become credit-ready by obtaining 80 Paydex status, which will give you access to new credit and financing for your business. Moreover, the aged company has a credit line already available for you.

2)   Time in Business:

In some industries, a longer time in business might be of more benefit. Some clients and suppliers do not want to make deals with a new, unknown firm. Additionally, there are huge commercial opportunities with bids that are opened by both private and public organizations. The amount of money purchased by the government is as large as $200 billion per year, which is spread across a wide variety of products and services. Indeed, the US government is the largest buyer in the country. In bidding processes, a certain minimum longevity can be required to even participate as a contender.  With a shelf corporation, you immediately can show some years of life and thus be credible to third parties.

In other cases, you want to show your experience in the business through your company. For example, if you have been a consultant for 20 years but are just creating your own consulting firm, you’ll want to market your company as a place where clients can get sound experience, with “20 years in the consulting business.”

3)  Initial Formalities:

Incorporating a new company involves several processes that entail a lot of time, effort, and money. In the United States as well as many other countries, the alternatives to incorporating a business include sole proprietorship, limited liability corporations, partnerships (general and limited), S-corporations, and C-corporations. Every type of legal entity has its particular benefits and restrictions, so the decision should be made carefully. Another step is the definition of how your business will be named. This word or group of words cannot be in use by any other business. In order to guarantee that, you must conduct a search and verification. You should also take into account that your business name will be how your business is presented to the world. Finally, you have to fulfill the paperwork to incorporate the business, using specific documents and terms of the legal structure. You’ll need to receive advice from professionals. With a shelf corporation, you skip all these activities and decisions. You receive an aged company that is ready to operate.

What to Do Before Buying a Shelf Company With Credit Line Availability?

If you are already convinced that purchasing a shelf corporation is the best way to launch your new business, we recommend proper due diligence. You have to be sure that the shelf company is a good deal for you.

There are three major business credit bureaus: Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, and Experian. Verify that the shelf corporation`s credit score is appropriate to ask for financing without obstacles.

Search through the Internet and confirm that there is not any negative issue related to the shelf corporation with credit line availability. A bad reputation might be a difficult problem to deal with, so avoid this kind of problems from the beginning.

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