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Why Buy a Shelf Corporation?

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Why Buy a Shelf Corporation?

Millions of consumers and business owners in America have poor credit ratings, with nearly 80% of all citizens currently in debt. Add in the number of identity theft victims, which is an average of two people every minute, and you have a recipe for credit score disaster. On top of that, people typically want to achieve their financial goals faster than is allowed by the relatively slow credit reporting system. For that reason, purchasing a shelf company is a highly effective way to circumnavigate the holdup and get a significant boost to your creditworthiness quickly.

In fact, there are usually two main reasons why people buy a shelf company:

Keep in mind, however, that legitimate shelf corporations do not come with credit. You will not be able to utilize any open credit accounts to spend money or make charges. However, you will benefit from the properties of the shelf corporation you buy regardless.

What Is a Shelf Corporation?

On any given day, you can go to the store and find countless numbers of items sitting on the shelf waiting to be bought. Those items are considered new, even though many of them have been in the store for quite some time. The same idea applies to shelf corporations.

As the name suggests, a shelf corp is an inactive business that has sat dormant for a while aging. It has been formed with all the appropriate paperwork but has not been purchased. Shelf companies are considered new because they have yet to be used, but they’re also considered aged because they have been around for a while. What makes them great is the fact that acquiring one can position the buyer to do more in whatever industry they currently work.

Another good thing about shelf companies is that their inactivity is never a concern for the buyer. You need not be worried about the history of the company, nor do you have to manage the complexity of any past dealings therein. Buying an aged shelf corporation can save you time by eliminating the hassle that’s typically involved with creating a new business.

The Advantages of Buying Credit Ready Aged Corps:

The primary advantages of buying a shelf company stem from its relative age. Many times, people choose to purchase an aged shelf corp for several reasons, which are as follows:


NO.1. Shelf Corporations Improve Upon the First Impressions You Make:

Newly formed companies face numerous challenges, one of which being the fact that they have absolutely no reputation in their industry or with creditors. Creating a name for yourself can be very difficult, especially when you’re a startup. Shelf corporation purchases can change all that.

A shelf company’s long-standing, well-established business title boosts the effectiveness of advertisement and increases positive exposure. This makes it much easier for people to build their brand. A legit shelf corp can significantly increase eligibility and credit approval ratings for things like permits, contracts, licenses, loans, and visas.

NO.2. Shelf Corporations Increase Your Credibility:

Young companies often encounter a lot of prejudice from banks, creditors, vendors, and government agencies. Buyers usually want to do business with a company that is more established. Despite shelf corporations being inactive, the fact that the corp has been around for a while bodes in your favor.

By purchasing a legitimate shelf corporation with age, you give your existing business a huge advantage although it’s relatively new. Because many businesses and government agencies require a company to have existed for a specific amount of time before they can even consider dealing with it, an aged shelf corporation can give you the credibility needed to establish a good reputation without having to wait.

NO.3. Shelf Corporations Create Opportunities:

The age of your company can negatively affect the kind of business you conduct. In fact, the average number of years your company has been in business may directly result in negative feedback from associates, buyers, creditors, and suppliers. For instance, if you want to acquire bank loans or business lines of credit to pay for expansions, new employees, or equipment updates, you may find it difficult to do so without first having a certain age to your business.

While incorporating your business can help matters in some situations, it’s only when you attach an aged shelf corporation that you become legitimate enough to get the financing and opportunities you require to grow in the industry. Because the image of your business is so important to what’s possible, it’s also important to have a substantial presence by purchasing an aged corp.


Tips for Finding Effective Aged Corporations for Sale:

Because aged corporations are used so widely by newly established business and companies with less than perfect credit histories, it’s not difficult to find hundreds of them for sale at any given moment. However, it’s important to know how to recognize a good thing when you see it, and stay away from raw deals and red flags. To find the most legitimate and effective aged corporations for sale, look for companies offering the following incentives:

In most cases, the supplier of your aged shelf corporation will appoint a manager or director of your choice as well as provide you with a corporate kit that includes the following:

If the source through which you plan to buy a shelf corporation does not offer those incentives and more, then it’s probably best that you take your business elsewhere.


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