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Considering Shelf Corporations? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Considering Shelf Corporations? Here’s What You Need To Know

People and business owners often increase their chances of obtaining financing by purchasing aged shelf corporations for sale through a reputable source. This is especially helpful for those launching a startup business, as it opens the floodgates for new ventures and positions them in an ideal spot to become approved for significant lines of credit. Although it may sound too good to be true, it is a feasible, legitimate, and an effective way to improving one’s financial circumstances.

Those who question whether it’s a smart business strategy to buy shelf corporations may be wary because of some of the warnings published on the Internet.Many of those publicized warnings don’t go into great enough detail for business owners and consumers to understand how it all works. Either way, buying shelf corporations with credit already established is a legal and efficient way of contributing to the well being of your venture.

Granted, there are numerous factors at play when the effectiveness of aged shelf corps is in question. Most notably, the overall creditworthiness of a corporation matters more than just its age. While the age of any business contributes to that business’s general credit rating, it is by no means the end-all-be-all of concerns. So, when you to buy shelf corporations, be sure to look carefully through a reputable dealer’s shelf company list to discover one that will have the most positive effect on your business credit profile.

Using Shelf Corporations to Your Greatest Advantage:

By understanding some of the economic factors that contribute to a shelf corporation’s effectiveness, and by grasping the key business credit advantages therein, you will become better prepared to make an educated decision about whether the strategy is worth considering. First of all, it’s important to know exactly what a shelf corporation is:

“A shelf corporation, also called an ‘Aged Corp’ or ‘Aged Company’ when referring to an LLC, is a corporation that is already formed but not currently in use. With the proper paperwork filed and an established credit history, the corporation is ready to be purchased by a new entity.”

With the right strategy, that entity could be you. The reasons people buy shelf corporations are many, but they’re relatively simple nonetheless. However, it’s important to be frugal about your purchase.

Keep the following 3 things in mind when you’re about to buy aged shelf companies for sale:


 NO.1.  The Age Of A Shelf Corporation Isn’t the Only Thing That Matters:

Although shelf corporation are typically purchased simply because of their credit age, the corporation’s length of credit history is not the only thing you should consider. While having at least 2 years of positive credit history is ideal, some high-quality aged corps possess only 12-18 months. The point is to buy shelf corporations that have the most positive reports by the most reputable creditors. Otherwise, it’s just an old company with little to offer.

NO.2.  The Best Shelf Company List Will Feature a Variety of Options:

Since shelf corporations allow you to engage in business, credit, and/or real estate agreements as an established company without having to go through a prolonged waiting period to get established as a new corporation, it’s important that you choose the best option. Any legitimate supplier which has aged shelf companies for sale will offer an extensive shelf company list for your convenience. Remember that not all shelf corporations with credit are the same, so choose wisely. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all aged corp.

TIP: Have your credit profile analyzed by a professional to determine what properties your shelf corporation needs to possess.

NO.3.  Many Lenders Won’t Consider You Without An Established Shelf Corporation:

Because new companies have the hardest time getting approved for business credit, it’s especially vital to buy shelf corporations that boost your creditworthiness. Most potential lenders are less likely to give you a line of credit if you’re new or a start-up business. By approaching them as an established corporation, you’re more likely to get the money you need.

However, if that lender smells fraud or doesn’t recognize the aged shelf corps you’ve purchased, it could be an expensive waste of money. In other words, don’t buy shelf corporations from just anybody.

The Truth About Shelf Corporations:

::     Although there are many disreputable shelf corporation suppliers out there, it is possible to find goods ones at a reasonable price. Because applying for funding by using the properties of legitimate shelf corporations with credit history is so useful, it seems as though numerous unscrupulous companies are trying to lure customers in with misleading marketing schemes. In truth, the best shelf corporations give your business the opportunity to access credit lines, establish banking relationships, be approved for long-term leases, and so on. If the company through which you plan to buy shelf corporations does not have customer testimonies to that effect, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

::      As mentioned, the overall age of the aged shelf corps in the shelf company list doesn’t dictate its worth completely. However, the age of the shelf companies for sale should be closely considered to maximize its value. For example, some lenders require a personal guarantor to give financing to new companies that are less than a year old. However, a shelf corporation that’s three to ten years old can significantly increase the number of credit opportunities offered to your business. Even if your existing corporation is less than two years old, you’ll still be able to get business credit if you apply with the right lenders. Alternatively, the number of banks you can apply to is somewhat limited without a properly aged company.

::        In short, the right shelf corporations offer a larger increase in your borrowing powerwhile also giving you enhanced credibility with lenders and customers. Remember that the age of the company is not always the same as the age of its owners. For instance, a company advertising that it was established in 1890 simply means that the business was registered in that year. You can take advantage of similar credibility when marketing to your own customers.

::       Well-established businesses bode well with the public, as opposed to newly formed enterprises that still need time to grow. The age of your company can offer more credibility to lenders than your perfect business model or impeccable mission statement. So, when you the right buy shelf corporations you give your budding business a much-needed financial boost.

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