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Once you purchase a Credit-Ready Aged Corporation, you can then go to our Corporate Credit Building & Funding Program. focuses on helping you obtain your businesses 80 paydex score through a list of vendors that will work with you on Net 30 terms to help you build business credit.  After moving through the program with your dedicated account manager, use that 80 paydex score to apply for and obtain Corporate Credit Cards, which can have the full credit limit accessed in cash at the purchase APR or promotional APR in order to get your business the cash that it needs to start, thrive, and continue to grow for years to come.

Price: $1,999 Down + 10% Success Fee on all approved credit cards. Logo

Want to skip the 80 Paydex Building Program but still need cash?  Fast Unsecured has a network of 27 lenders, and card companies that offer both personal and business financing with approvals in as little as 60 minutes.  With No Upfront Fees, and APR’s set at as little as 0% for the first year, those cards could be the answer that you or your new business needs in order to launch, and kick start your way into the future and towards your business goals – only pay a 15% fee on the cards you get approved for, and best of all you can use the cards you’ve just received to pay the success fees.  Apply now at and work with our team of dedicated credit analysts to find out how much you are pre-qualified for, and which lenders are most likely to grant you the financing you need today.  Need Travel Cards? Want Rewards Cards? Want Cash Back Cards?  Or even Cards that are best for consolidating?  While 680+ Credit Scores are required, and funding is not guaranteed, our team will do our best to help you get the financing that you need in as little as 72 hours after approval all while keeping your goals and spending habits in mind.

Personal Credit Requirements For Obtaining & Achieving Funding:

While our team would love to be able to approve everyone that wants to go through the Corporate Cash Credit Program, and our Fast Unsecured Business Financing Network that is simply not a possibility for everyone, and while our team does our best to work with each individual credit situation that comes to us, what we’ve discovered is that the best results can be obtained from individuals who have the following.

  • 720+ Credit Scores
  • Under 30% Debt Ratios
  • 3+ Revolving lines of credit already established
  • No more than 6 hard inquiries on your credit report in the last 6 months.
  • A Business that has a 3+ year history established (5 years is even better).


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