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How To Use Shelf Corporation To Your Greatest Advantage?

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A man holding business progress chart representing the concept of Shelf Corporations


If you are thinking of building a brand new corporation, then you should stop and search for a Shelf Corporation instead. Why? Because by approaching to an established shelf corps or a company your business has the possibility of more approaches to credit lines, banking alliance, leases, and loans and so on. I know you’re curious to know about the shelf company advantages.

First, I will give you little introduction about the basics of shelf corporations,

What is the Purpose Of Shelf Corporation?


The shelf corporations are considered as “anonymous”, means that there are:

It can play a major role in forming a corporation.

Each Aged Corporation must be clean from:

“Shelf or Aged Corporations are used for convenience, to assume a corporate history and to develop a perceived stability of the business operation. Therefore, as long as the corporation is clean of liabilities, it really does not matter where the aged shelf corporations were initially filed. It can always be continued in another state. In terms of the purpose of the shelf company, it matters. Corporations are best served in Delaware when they are to go public with an offering. Nevada, Wyoming and Wholesale Shelf Corporations are best for privacy, asset protection, confidentiality and flexibility in management.”

Are Shelf Corporations Legal?


You might be confused that, how shelf corps can be legal? This is your valid question because many of the people think that this is an illegal act but the best thing is IT’S NOT!

Shelf Companies are often formed by individuals and businesses to conduct legitimate transactions. They are frequently used for holding personal or business assets. Another common purpose for the creation of a shelf corporation is like a turn-key business package that can later be sold to someone who wants to start and operate a company without going through the effort to form a new one; or, sold to and used by someone who may not otherwise qualify for a bank loan, line of credit or government contract because they or their existing company do not have the required credit scores or a two to five years established business history.

“Lawbreakers can likewise make, buy, and utilize shelf corps. Now and again, they may utilize one with a name like a focused on genuine organization keeping in mind the end goal to explicitly mimic that organization and deceive lenders or creditors. In different cases, they may utilize a shelf corp, or a progression of shelf companies, to appear to be a well establish, legitimate business in order to defraud other businesses, lenders, or financial institutions.”


Top 5 Greatest Shelf Company Advantages:


1) Establish History:

The use of shelf corps will save your time and expense of establishing your company’s credit history. You will not be building a brand new corporation; this will help you in a longer run because the number of companies’ year is really important thing which people do notice.

A company should be at least two years old, in order to apply for loans from banks and other financial institutes. It will also increase the value of company’s shares. The corporation image is automatically enhance with its age.

As far as purchasing a shelf corporation, given the current credit crunch, banks want to see more than even being a 2 year old corporation. So if your only interest is in applying for bank financing keep in mind Shelf Corporations have no business history, tax returns, financials and existing revenue.

2). Other Companies will Do Business With You:

Other companies likely to get engage with known companies, rather than working with a younger company. The time period of registered shelf corps will give you benefits in a long-run. Many companies would like to get in business with you.

3). Access to Government Contract Bidding:

With Shelf Corporation, you will have instant access to contract and government contract bidding. Most states require that your company be in business for a specified minimum length of time. Bidding on a contract will require company to be established.


4).  Investors Aattractiveness:

Investors will see the age of your company, that from how long you’re being in a market and Shelf Corporation is the best option for you to attract investors towards your business. It will attract potential investors and investment capital as well. The more history your will show, the more it will attract investors.


5). Issuance of Corporate Credit Cards and Leases:

Most of the banks issue corporate credit cards and leases to company those who have longer history, like not less than a year or 6 months. E.g. Gateway computers lease only to corporations 6 months old or more, etc.


DON’T BUY SHELF CORPORATION THAT HAS DONE BUSINESS IN THE PAST. Because, it will affect your company’s credibility and that company’s liabilities will be in your credit report. You will be liable for all the debts because you’re the current owner of that company.

Buy those shelf corps that don’t have any inherent liabilities Generally, this can be guaranteed by investigating the historical background of the company and guaranteeing that the degree of its business exercises was restricted or non-existent aside from the use of an Employer Identification Number and perhaps the arrangement of a financial balance.


By approaching to an established Shelf Corporation or a company your business has the possibility of more approaches to credit lines, banking alliance, leases, and loans and so on. This is fully legal way to start your business through shelf corps and it has several advantages i’ve discussed above.


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