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Mike got over $250K for his business with

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I have a car wash business that I literally started from my own garage. I was washing my neighbors cars and getting referrals. Then I started going out to businesses and washing their cars and my business just grew from there.

I was doing so well that I figured it was time to get out of my garage. I wanted to buy my own a place. I found a location that was perfect, but I obviously needed money to buy the building and get the equipment I needed.

I went to the banks…but since I was young and didn’t have a long track record they weren’t interested in lending to me. It was really frustrating. I thought I was going to be in my garage forever.

But then I found Wholesale Shelf Corporations. They had an 8 year old business that was credit ready and a perfect fit for me. I bought it and within 24 hours I had all of my paperwork, including my Articles of Incorporation.

Man, that made such a huge difference. Lenders really looked at me differently after that. I received just over $250,000 from 4 different lenders. I was able to purchase the property I was looking at, and my business just took off from there!