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Using Aged Corporations to Expand Your Business

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Using Aged Corporations to Expand Your Business

At some point, every small business owner considers expanding their reach in the market. However, it’s difficult to know how to get that done when you don’t have an effective strategy. When you consider using aged corporations to expand your business, however, doors open that wouldn’t have otherwise opened, and your business will Grow Tremendously Due To The Following Factors.


Using Aged Corporations to Expand Your Business Means You Obtain Everything That Is Needed in Order to Expand:

Establishing a valid presence in a new area is quite the task, with mountains of paperwork to fill out and several legal registrations required. You might also need an improved business credit score to get the financing needed to pay for it all. Indeed, developing a respectable venture usually requires an investment, and that investment sometimes comes in the form of buying aged corporations.

Otherwise known as a shelf LLC, aged corporations provide an easy and effective solution to the setbacks your business faces due to the corporations creditworthiness. By adding aged corporations to your portfolio, expanding your company into new territory is quicker, easier, and more efficient. Especially when you purchase a shelf LLC from a reputable dealer; you receive everything needed to expand your business immediately.

With a full-service package and help from knowledgeable experts, business expansions are not only simpler but also legitimate – designed to help your company succeed through the requisition of valid aged corporations that have been hand-picked by a professional who has diligently analyzed your situation. In addition, the best aged companies for sale come with all appropriate incorporation documentation, customizable credit score improvement measures, and even access to unsecured funding options through a large network of reputable lenders.

STEP ONE: Aged Corporations Come Complete with Incorporation Documents:

Aged corporations for sale provide legitimacy to your business. Effectively expand your company into a new area by using the benefits therein as intended. Your acquisition should be a complete package, including the incorporation documents required by law. With your purchase of a valid shelf LLC, you obtain the following items:

Through the right source, buying a shelf corporation for sale also provides you with optional features such as help with trade name registration applications, foreign entity registration applications in your home state, local occupational licenses, bank account setup, registered agent selection, nominee officer assignment, and even business plans, marketing plans, and financial projections templates. You may even receive assistance setting up a new website and/or establishing a unique domain name, not to mention a custom corporate identity kit that can make your newly expanded business appear well-established and ready to go right away.

STEP TWO: Aged Corporations Make It Easier to Obtain an 80 Paydex Score:

With everything required to successfully expand your business into new territory, aged corporations also make it easier for your venture to obtain a favorable Paydex Score faster. Paydex is simply a term used by Dun and Bradstreet to represent your business’ numerical score as it pertains to the company’s promptness to repay creditors, suppliers, and vendors. A favorable Paydex makes your business eligible for substantial corporate funding.

Aged corporations lend their extensive yet clean credit history to your business and thus, help it become more credit ready. This is especially true if the length of time that you’ve been in business is equal to the age of the shelf LLC that you acquire. That way, when potential customers and/or creditors look up your company, they will see that your corporation’s filing date corresponds with the amount of time you’ve actually conducted business. However, aged corporations don’t necessarily require filing dates that match your business because the acquisition of all appropriate paperwork, a positive credit history, and a legitimate DUNS number are what creditors look for the most.

Because age is not the only factor considered by creditors, only buy aged corporations for sale that have positive business credibility without any liability. That means you should stay away from purchasing a shelf LLC with an active credit line attached, and instead, use your new acquisition as a foundation to build business credit. With timely and strategic reporting to credit bureaus, you will achieve your 80 Paydex Score faster than if you simply waited for it to happen on its own.

STEP THREE: Access to All of the Unsecured Financing You Need to Expand with an Aged LLC:

With an 80 Paydex, lenders are typically happy to extend business lines of credit to your venture. By purchasing an Aged LLC, you thereby improve your Paydex and gain fast access to all the financing required to expand your business, make necessary improvements, and/or update your inventory to suit the new location. Put simply, because aged corporations provide legitimate documentation that rapidly boosts your Paydex, it’s much easier to get approved by lenders who are offering thousands of dollars in unsecured funding, business credit cards, and the like.

STEP FOUR: The Opportunity to Expand into Earning Residual Income and Multiple Streams of Income Through Your Aged Corporation:

Income can be active, passive, or a combination of the two. It’s easier to diversify your income streams among several different industries and protect against major loss when your corporate credit is secure, and you’ve successfully expanded your business through the acquisition of a legitimate aged corporation. While you should never focus time and energy on building a secondary income stream until your primary source is secured, buying a shelf LLC can make all that happen faster.

Final Thoughts – Consider Aged Shelf Companies For Sale:

Aged Shelf Companies for sale provide the needed structure that your business will need long into the future.  By purchasing an aged corporation you are decreasing the time that it takes to set the corporation structure up, and remove many of the processes that in their initial stages can take months to complete.  Wholesale Shelf Corporations makes it easy to complete the process of incorporating your business with our credit ready aged corps that are available in as little as 24 hours.  So if you are presently considering purchasing a shelf corporation contact our team today, and our specialists will help walk you through the process and choose the additional features that are right for you and your needs.

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